Hi, my name is Tomáš Zemanovič.

I spend most of my professional time building software, for which, where appropriate, I mainly advocate for the use of statically-typed and pure functional programming languages. I'm also enthusiastic about both using and participating in open-source projects.

After following the traditional path of learning and using many popular languages, I've embraced the joy of functional programming that builds on more solid foundations, crucial to keeping up with growing complexity (and that’s not just in a multi-core CPU setting). As Dr Simon Peyton Jones puts it, computer programs are among the largest structures humans have ever built. One of my most favourite realisations about functional programming was that the mathematical theory upon which it's built provides a much more general approach to problem-solving and as Dr Eugenia Cheng eloquently argues, the aim of mathematics is to make things easier. Lambda calculus together with type theory and category theory, the language of mathematics, are in my humble opinion some of the greatest gifts mathematicians gave to computer science.

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